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Worship & Sunday School
Sunday at 10:00am, Sunday School for preschool through 5th grade begins about 15 minutes into the service.  Middle and high school youth as well as adults meet immediately following service.

1771 S. Wiesbrook Road
Wheaton, IL 60189
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Hope's Welcoming Statement

Hope strives to be a safe haven for God's unconditional love.  Every person is invited and encouraged to participate in all Hope activities and roles, including membership and leadership.  In this world most human conflict and separation are caused by differences, like ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, economic status, political positions and more. Hope embraces diversity and welcomes all who come through our doors, without exception.


Hope's Happenings

To Those Willing to Work for Hope,

We end our time in the Gospel of Matthew this Sunday….and typical of Matthew it has both promise, and warning.  To tell you the truth, I have taken this passage as a vision of what ministry is in our day.  Sometimes we think we have to change the vision of a place to fit into what those around it might be more receptive to.  The parable of the Wedding Banquet says otherwise…. Find those who want to hear this message and eat at this table….They are the ones who are to be at this particular table.  As always, the Gospels slant this towards a preference towards a certain group in our society; can you guess who?  I have read this Scripture with new eye this week, and with eyes that still struggle to understand how to truly live it.  If you want to work through that struggle, I invite you to come to the little hill of Hope this Sunday morn….all are welcome.



I will be starting a discussion/class after the service called “Befriending the Rainbow.”  If Hope Church is a place that is open to our Gay and Lesbian friends (as our Welcome Statement states), then what do we do if we feel unequipped?  Or even unnerved?  I am going to lead us through simple conversation of ways I have come to understand how to embrace and learn from those God has placed within our families, our workplaces, and our world.  We will walk through Scripture, and seek out an understanding of God (theology) that might fit those who wish to walk into love in ways that change us even through places unknown.  I invite you to come!


All Are Welcome Always!!

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