Welcoming Hope

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Embracing Hope

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Hope's Welcoming Statement

Hope strives to be a safe haven for God's unconditional love.  Every person is invited and encouraged to participate in all Hope activities and roles, including membership and leadership.  In this world most human conflict and separation are caused by differences, like ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, economic status, political positions and more. Hope embraces diversity and welcomes all who come through our doors, without exception.

To Those Hidden in Hope,


I love paradox: What’s up is down, what’s down is up. What’s safe is dangerous

and what is dangerous is now the refuge. Jesus was much he same, he said your

neighbor is now your enemy, and your pastor is a whitewashed tomb! (He must

have been talking about another Pastor other than me 😉) Jesus, in most ways,

was misunderstood by his generation or at least the gospels tell us so. He was

a fool. But what’s worse, people who wished to follow his path were seen as

fools too. People knew this.


The passage this Sunday is one of my favorites, and perhaps a favorite of everyone

who feels a little bit “foolish” in how they approach life, and perhaps their faith.

Do you feel foolish? Then Jesus is the King of Fools!  Continue to follow:

“For God’s foolishness is wiser than wisdom, and God’s weakness is stronger

than strength”….


I invite you to the court of fools this Sunday morning, as we get our marching



Pastor Jay




I am starting Mid-Week Bible Study in a few weeks on the “Letter” to

the Hebrews. We have had a good crowd….You are welcome to come 😉


 January 16, 2020



 Finding Hope

Worship and Sunday School
Worship begins at 10 am Sunday Mornings
Sunday school for preschool through 5th grade begins about 15 minutes into the service.
Middle school and high school youth and adults meet immediately after the service.

Office Hours: 8:30 am - 1:30 pm Monday through Thursday
Phone: 630-668-7750    Fax: 630-668-7950

You can find Jay's sermons and other videos on the YouTube channel "Voice of Hope Wheaton"

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