Embracing Hope

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Hope's Welcoming Statement

Hope strives to be a safe haven for God's unconditional love.  Every person is invited and encouraged to participate in all Hope activities and roles, including membership and leadership.  In this world most human conflict and separation are caused by differences, like ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, economic status, political positions and more. Hope embraces diversity and welcomes all who come through our doors, without exception.


Finding Hope

Worship and Sunday School
Worship begins at 10 am Sunday Mornings
Sunday school for preschool through 5th grade begins about 15 minutes into the service.
Middle school and high school youth and adults meet immediately after the service.

We are located at 1771 S. Wiesbrook Road Wheaton, IL 60189
Office Hours: 8:30 am - 1:30 pm Monday through Thursday

You can find Jay's sermons and other videos on the YouTube channel "Voice of Hope Wheaton"

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Welcoming Hope

A welcoming message from Pastor Jay

To Those Who Grasp Hope,

Gossip is inevitable; it is the nature of what it is to be a human in community. Lots of times, I hear pastors talk about trying to stomp it out, but in the end I always say, “Gossip is human nature, it is rather the nature of the gossip.” I guess that’s my view that along with the negative side of hidden conversations, can also be the positive: positive news travels just as fast.

Imagine the time of Jesus….there was no PR machine, but rather the simple spread of the “good news” or what I might say the “good gossip.” People spread along everything about those times, and it was an aid to the message.

This Sunday we are given the simple finalization of the little child’s name who was given to Elizabeth and Zachariah; “John.”  But surrounding this giving of the name, is the people’s talk/gossip of what this must mean.  Who is this kid?  What will he become?  All of this prepared the way for similar conversations about John’s cousin; the little guy from Nazareth.

I invite you to gather from other conversations, and join us surrounding the “Good words” of the Gospel this Sunday; who knows what you might spread from it!  All are welcome (and this means YOU!)



Pastor Jay



Sunday evening at 4pm we will be having a time of singing, listening and eating around the music and familiar carols of Christmas. We will be joined by the Elmhurst Chamber Singers who will perform a capella among us; it should be a great evening. I encourage you to make a note on your calendar…and then grab a friend; Tis the Season!

December 14, 2018